I began my “general real estate” career in 2017 after retiring from one of the largest private home builders in South Florida as Vice President for nearly 30 years. Over the years, I have mastered the art of “understanding” my customers’ needs and pairing those needs with the perfect home. I do that by following my value proposition and promises below…

Theresa Fowler Webb P.A. Real Estate Value Proposition and Promise.

I promise to only show you properties that fit within your criteria and not waste your time on anything outside of that.

I promise to fully understand your “why” before you buy. Too often, real estate agents don’t understand the motives behind your home purchase. Understanding your wants and desires up front will help me find the perfect home and/or lifestyle match for you.

I promise to tell you my opinion about any property or price, should you ask. If I don’t think a property is worth the asking price, I will tell you why even if it results in the loss of a potential sale.

I promise not to convince you to “settle” for something that doesn’t feel right. I want you to walk away knowing you selected exactly what you wanted within your original criteria. If it doesn’t feel right, let’s keep looking.

I promise to tell you if your expectations are not in-line with what’s available in the marketplace. Many agents avoid having that discussion, however it doesn’t serve a client’s interests to pursue something that may be unrealistic. If I am unsure, we will find out together.

I have served over 15,000 customers for the past 30 years following these principles. Put me to work to find your dream home today. I can be reached at (561) 756-4140.

Theresa Fowler Webb
Realtor / Author of So Alive After 55: Your Guide to the Finer Points of Active Adult Living (Amazon/Barnes & Noble)

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